Our Vision and Mission 


We envision all New Mexico 's youth having limitless opportunities within their communities, grounded in the strength of our state's diversity, and based on respect.


The New Mexico Forum for Youth in Community promotes equal access and meaningful engagement for all youth to thrive through positive youth development, civic participation, community capacity and network building, mobilization, and policy transformation.

Core Priorities

The Forum promotes state-of-the-art best practices in positive youth development and meaningful youth engagement through focusing on these core priority areas:

Promoting Racial Justice and Equity as a human right for all youth in New Mexico.

Addressing Health Equity through the promotion of social, emotional and spiritual health of all youth toward building healthy relationships and making positive choices.

Increasing Educational Equity through youth-adult partnerships, opportunities for mentorship and  service learning, youth-engaged policy, program and curriculum development, and support in accessing higher education.

Striving for Economic Equity, where youth have a foundation for economic stability throughout life inspired by social entrepreneurship, workforce engagement, leadership development, and access to micro-grants for youth-led community impact projects.

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Albuquerque, NM 87102
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